Malcolm Platt is discussing:

The transgender debate in women’s sport has reignited after New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard won two gold medals at the recent Pacific Games, being accused of “robbing” fellow competitors of victory.

Be careful what you wish for. There was a time when women were viewed as the fairer sex and as such men had an obligation to protect and defend women's honor. Now, in a time when even so much as holding a door open for a woman, something I regularly do for anyone, male or female, is seen as an aggressive action or an action that minimizes a woman's ability to do for herself we suddenly find ourselves witnessing men truly abusing their superior physical attributes to win a competition, unfairly, that is supposed to be limited to females. Thank you 4th wave feminism.

As to the man pretending to be a woman, if you can't win as a man then sit the fuck down and spectate as real men go about the business of being real men.