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Of course there's a Left Tim. You just don't want to accept what that means. You think the Left is disparate? The Right is only united by their position against the Left. That' how it's always been. No one on the right identifies as a "rightist" because Right only means "Not Left". The "Right" includes theocrats, conservatives, nationalists, libertarians, anachro-capitalists, monarchists, republicans, and a whole slew of groups that have nearly zero in common. There is no "right wing doctrine", because the right wing has no unifying message. None of them are related.

Only the Left has that, and it's because they are all Marx decedent ideologies. Sorry Tim, but the Left is only just Leftists and the people they can pull with them to the Left.

A leftist is a leftist. A American Liberal is a leftist that doesn't totally abide by the party line. A Corporate Democrat is a Leftist with business allies. A center-left person is a person who likes leftism, but want to go slower. A left libertarian is a bad leftist. That's why they call you "right-wing".

The left-right dichotomy is entirely false, and uses leftism as it's origin point.

It's not that "there is no left", Tim. It's that the Lefitsts are loosing control of their coalition because they are overplaying their hand.

If anything, there is no Right.