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@10:00 Tim, what in the fuck are you talking about?

LIbertarainism isn't anarchism. Libertarianism doesn't refuse to allow the government to protect individual rights. Where the hell did you pull that out of?

Second, the way you phrased the situation in the UK is that the crucial protections on individual rights were removed, and that allowed the SJWs to roll in. That's really not the case. Leftist ideology was rolled in almost immediately after WW2, without removing significant protections. SJW nonsense doesn't arrive because there is a lap in individual rights protections, they roll in as an extensions of the protection of rights, specifically collective rights. Once collective rights are established, that is when SJWs attack individual rights for infringing on the rights of the collective.

The way you framed your statement, it came across as if you were saying that the UK's history was having been a liberal country, then it lost it's protection of individual rights due to libertarianism, and then the SJWs rolled in to fill the vacuum.