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Long Time cat owner here:

1) Growling - Cats will do plenty of non-verbal communication with you. If a Cat starts growling at you, it means you haven't been paying attention to it, and is genuinely pissed the fuck off. It isn't bluffing. Dogs will whine, moan, groan, and complain, and may even genuinely growl without biting as part of play. CATS DON'T. You piss a cat off enough to make it growl, take it seriously as a threat.

2) Hissing - my experience with cats is different than Vee's on this one. My cat's will hiss first at humans before growling. They'll only growl first at other cats. Same thing applies. It's not a joke, it's a threat.

3) Purring - Yes on the two types of purring. There's a purring that kind of works as a way to get your attention, and one that is expressing that the cat is pleased. Typically, the pleased purr is quieter and has softer vibrations.

4) Howling - Agreed, but I'd also point out that it can also be used to demand your attention. A cat's way of basically yelling at you, but not threatening. Something like, "HEY! THERE'S NO WATER ASSHOLE!" Or if a cat is genuinely anxious, sometimes in pain. They all kind of sound different.

5) Chittering - I've always had semi-feral ("outside") cats. I've never heard any of them Chitter. Probably because they could always go for food if they wanted it.

6) Trilling - Cat version of "Hey." I guess it's so kinda subtle I didn't even recognize it as a separate sound.

7) Meow - No, I didn't believe you. That being said, again, very correct. Meows are different between cats, owners, and their specific requests.