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The Brexit Party MEP compared leaving the EU to "slaves" rising up "against their owners".

Is Lammy ignorant or wilfully denying the history of the enslavement of every people who is not black? Research the Barbary Slave Trade, Lammy!!!! Discover how far across Europe peoples were preyed upon by muslim raiding gangs who captured free people and made them slaves. Taking the women and girls to be handed out as reward to the jihadis, to be raped and traded, and when no longer physically attractive, murdered. Research how babies conceived by the raped slaves were murdered, and how the males were either murdered on capture, or died from brutal castration and neglect. Research how it was only in recent centuries when the Christian tradition of western civilisation brought about the industrial revolution and military supremacy to the armed forces of countries of the West, that Christians were able to back up abolitionist arguments with sufficient force to free slaves all over the world including in Africa and the Arabian peninsula where islam had its most power!

Also if you are on Dissenter to be reading this.. then good show Lammy. 👍But Lammy, I still think you are still an ignorant knob with a fat head.