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 If we care to raise our eyes for a minute from a choice between sociopaths and the destructive determination of Remainers, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the abject failure of wealth to trickle down is hurtling towards a push v shove moment. The comfortable may vote Tory and the desperate Labour in the hope…

John, the level of denial is palpable in the public face of the ego-driven narrative merchants.The Public face of the Esrablishment, The easy way to see who they regard as the Fourth Estate is to look at the risibly absurdist comedy gem that is Credder. Prisons as Frameworks: “The prisons are the frameworks. And those who do not like prisons will be opposed to the myth of the framework. They will welcome a discussion with a partner who comes from another world, from another framework, for it gives them an opportunity to discover their so far unfelt chains, to break these chains, and thus to transcend themselves. But this breaking of one’s prison is clearly not a matter of routine: it can only be the result of a critical effort and of a creative effort.” In some ways, learning a new language is like expanding the horizons of our current prison, not simply because it forces us to experience new ways of seeing the world, but rather because it forces us to reexamine our own.

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