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The Guardian explains that silencing unpopular opinions is not a violation of free speech because “some debates should be shut down.”

The author of the piece in the Guardian, Martha Gill, should be fired for attacking the First Amendment upon which the press so vitally relies. She is hacking away at the trunk of the tree she and they are perched in.

No, Martha, you insolent dunce, there is no such thing as "unsayable" speech, which you smeared Jordan Peterson with, and there is absolutely no basis in law or morality for you to say "some debates should be shut down." Nobody died and appointed you God, to dictate to others what should, and shouldn't, be discussed, which ideas are worthy, and which are not.

Would somebody in the Western world grow a fucking pair of balls and defend the values and traditions that catapulted our societies into the first rank of nations? Is there nobody in academia or the cultural sphere who will champion the Judeo-Christian heritage that made us a beacon of freedom for all the world?