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If you want an example of the worst case scenario of how bad this might get for those who oppose Silicon Valley, just watch this clip from Rick and Morty.

If Facebook and Silicon Valley get a foothold in the currency "market" and take over, put opposition groups to the NWO and the Globalists in place of the Galactic Government in this clip. Without money or the ability to buy or trade for goods and services, those groups are effectively defeated and destroyed. Like robbing plants of sunlight and water. The groups opposing Globalism and the SJWs would be unable to get out their messaging without penalty of being rendered penniless, jobless, and generally worthless.

Social Credit would also count for financial credit. Say something mean on the internet? Lose 50 units of currency. Say something positive about patriotism or voice support of national sovereignty? "We're sorry but your Libra Account has been permanently suspended for a Terms of Service Violation regarding Hate Speech. Your remaining currency will be not be paid out. Thank you and have a fantastic day." - Signed The Facebook Department of Social Credit.