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Zendaya stars in 'Euphoria,' a complicated HBO drama that pays off slowly but surely.'s a show about hamslammers and canyon-yodelers mixing with fatties and Wakandans.


The "characters" apparently spend time texting, getting stoned, sipping lattes, and shtupping (when they aren't blaming whites/the Patriarchy for all their problems).

I'll pass. Let the losers stew in their own "angst."

They don't seem like nice people, either.

I suspect the show's audience will be sub-par, too. Viewers seem not to know who Holden Caulfield is. And sincerely believe that texting, playing computer games, and watching quick-cut/staccato media fills holes in souls.

Remember, too: the show's fans are the same people who get "triggered" by the sun rising and feel entitled to stomp anyone who disagrees with them. They think it only fair that, for some reason, LGBT, Inc. now "owns" June... D-Day and Father's Day be damned.

I'd cut Van Gogh and others of his stature some slack if they populated the show. Not these slackers. They seem to believe they're the only ones who ever, when young, obsessed about sex and "altered states of mind."

In truth, what REALLY complicates their lives is BS like thinking there are 57 genders...and that feelings trump(!) facts.

They cut all ropes to traditional societal anchors and now whine about aimlessly "drifting."


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