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The White House Correspondents' Association typically keeps a low profile in its discussions with the White House press secretary over issues involving the news media. It tends not to wade into controversy, at least not in public. But faced with the president's continued hostility and confronted by false official statements, the two candidates vying to become president of the group want to take a bolder - and more confrontational - approach. "We as an organization need to be more concerned about getting lied to as a matter of course - and the American public getting lied to, through us - than about access," HuffPost correspondent S.V. Date wrote in an email touting his candidacy to the WHCA's 425 voting members. He added, "I've been in this business more than three decades, and what's happening now is unprecedented. We are attacked on a near daily basis using Stalinist language. We are called corrupt and dishonest. We are given false information from staff who often know full well that it is false." CBS News Radio reporter Steven Portnoy, 38, uses less explosive language in his pitch for support, but makes clear his disappointment that the White House hasn't held a press briefing in a record 93 days as of Wednesday. Ticking off a long list of news stories that have transpired in that time (for example, "Pelosi-Schumer talks implode as Pelosi accuses Trump of 'cover up' "), Portnoy wrote: "As the president continues to call news organizations 'corrupt,' these are just some of the issues he has ducked by not having his aides appear regularly before the press corps." The two journalists' statements suggest that the White House press corps has grown more frustrated - and is willing to say so publicly - after more than two years of disparagement by Trump and press...

"We are called corrupt and dishonest."

Well, have ya tried NOT-being corrupt and dishonest?

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