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The latest Tweets from David A. Clarke, Jr. (@SheriffClarke). I AM LEAVING TWITTER DUE TO THEIR CONSERVATIVE SPEECH CONTROL. TOTALITARIAN BIGOTS. FOLLOW ME Twitter is blocking the Parler address. Washington DC

David A. Clarke, Jr. @sheriffclarke All of my SMASHMOUTH political commentary will be posted on the NEW PLATFORM @parler. Follow me there. Same handle @sheriffclarke Tired of Twitters BS rules that are designed to stifle conservative voices. Twitter can shove it. Nobody controls my views except me.

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@sheriffclarke 2h2 hours ago More Folks I am thru with the TOTALITARIAN BIGOTS who run Twitter. I am moving to the site @parler. I suggest you do the same. My handle is the same there. @sheriffclarke I refuse to allow ANYBODY to control my speech with there selective BS rules that have a sliding scale.

@sheriffclarke Apr 22 [email protected] with political power would be dangerous. She hates white people and will extract revenge. Keep an eye on her as she generates her movement of HATE.

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