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But like, will it be Freudian enough, man, and things, and stuff, and it must be really important, don't know why, but man this is big, so it must be important, right? Yeah. Man. So, clean your room right? Cause that's how you move up in the world and become a man, man. Yeah. See here, these are 12 rules for life man, Rule 1: inject yourself with antidepressants to beat depression, or die trying. Rule 2: eat meat like your life depends on it. Rule 3: clean your room. Rule 4: Get some responsibility, like, man, at least take out the garbage once in a while. Rule 5: Don't talk about fight club. Rule 6: Get some fresh air man, like, man, like, go outside. Rule 7: Join Thinkspot, and start writing things more than 50 words long, man, because like, man, it'll make you really think man. Rule 8: Don't be a troll man, cause like, man, like nobody wants to live under a bridge in this weather. Rule 9: Read the 12 rules. Rule 10: Find god man, like you need some religion in your life, like me for example, I found Freud, read his books every day, glorious psychological analysis, like man, it's really heavy but like it'll change your life man. Rule 11: I'm running out of ideas man, like, man, but that's fine man, it's fine to run out of ideas, because that's just like life you know? That's just life. That's what it means to be human. To run out of ideas is to be human. Put that on Thinkspot, watch how your profound insight brings all the milkshakes to the yard.

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