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Rand Paul slammed the intelligence community over a recent report claiming it defied an order to revoke John Brennan's security clearance.

Andrew Breitbart would be appalled by amount of 'CENSORSHIP' going on today on his former Top Site for having True Freedom of Speech!

Then I realized that BB (what I call Big Brother) had an Elitist Section of visitors that get preference over people they choose to Censor. Like me and many many others that may never know they are or that online sites like BB..... are notoriously still using 'SHADOW BANNING'!

Which is when you log out and can look at the same page and NOT..... find your comment even posted. For YOU...... logged in, you see it, but just don't realize ONLY YOU CAN SEE IT!!!

Then there is the Elitists of BB who get 100's if not 1000's of Up Votes and only up vote each other in their closed little Club of 'Orwellian Inner Party Membership'. Where they can say stuff that will get YOU BANNED..... and them more Up Votes. Quote someone's comment of one of these Inner Party Members and you'll find out Breitbart, BB..... is watching you and watch as you get CENSORED UP THE YIN YANG!!! ;-P