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Dear old Rory Stewart. He's either amazingly naive or more full of BS than a stud farm. He thinks you can get a load of clever people together to sort out the solution to Brexit, then the rest of the country will magically go along with it. Rory, this is the UK, not a desert Loya jirga in the Afghanistan desert. It's a western democracy not a load of armed warlords in a tent. The people you choose to do the thinking on #Brexit will determine the outcome. Nothing will change, and you are left with the same problem five weeks down the line. The only way to settle such a big question as our national sovereignty is an election on that specific issue. Let's call it a #referendum. Well fuck me! we've had one and the leavers won. So let's do it! This interview explains for me why since Rory was elected to Parliament 9 years ago he has failed to shine in the Tory party as many expected. He's devoid of clearly articulated conservative principles. He's a "big tent" (literally in his case) Conservative and that just isn't what's needed now. #ConservativeParty #Toryleadership

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