scott c miller is discussing:

reality tells you the average male is taller than the average girl and the average male is bulkier than the average female.

also women tend to think more emotion based and men tend to be more reason based.

there are exceptions but you can look at any average room full of people and see certain obvious average differences between the males and females in a room and those averages hold up on most rooms in most places.

how the living hell can you get yourself to say oh no there is no difference AT ALL between men and women that you REALLY think we should have co ed pro football leagues where we have women as tight ends and wide outs? how many plays you think they would survive it? 1 3 tackles? then she would have a broken spine or legs i would almost wager on average.

i mean really? ok then a guy hauling off and knocking his girlfriends face out of alignment is a ok if she take a swing at you right? i mean i would do that to a guy that took a swing at me wo even thinking. but there few women i ever felt threatened by enough to physically attack me to counter with that degree of force and violent intent.

because as a male you know that women are FRAGILE not delicate flowers fragile, but they would not be my first choice for a sparring buddy if i was serious about training. they could not hit nor could i hit to a degree of any decent male partner where i could go full out and not feel bad about it.

there reasons why a guy goes too far and bashes his girls skull in even if she was being a violent cunt that he goes to jail because as a man you can despite a womans violence shy of them wielding a weapon or something insane you can just pure go too far out and punch them or the fall awkardly and mess themselves up, or fing die. and yea as a guy your going to jail.

you can defend yourself not fucking kill them. and men know the biological difference wo even being told or studying it it is fucking obvious. you are really a moron or a psychopath if you think you can fight and hit a woman the same you can as a man it is fine and dandy.