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We have politics so we don't have war. Remove the ability of people to influence their life via political means, where their vote is literally pointless, and we will have war. If Democrats have their way and it becomes a straight majority vote, buttressed by millions of immigrants who shouldn't be here to begin with but now vote, and millions more who will soon gain amnesty and vote, then we will no longer have a functional political system.

The government is already off its constitutional leash. We are taxed for wars we never wanted, made to pay for immigrants we never invited, subject to rules and regulations that only serve powerful corporations, have a currency manipulated by the "federal" reserve, and so on. We are already living under a high degree of tyranny. Allow the Democrats to vote with a crude majority vote and all tyranny would be accelerated. We would be subject to the levels of tyranny that destroyed Venezuela and killed nearly 100 million people via communism. Politics would cease to be a viable alternative.

*"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."* -Thomas Jefferson