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President Donald Trump questioned Monday a decision by Fox News executives to host a town hall for Mayor Pete Buttigieg.

*Trump: '...something very strange is going on at Fox folks, something very strange.” * There is nothing strange here. Been obvious for quite some time now that Fox News isn't Conservative so much as they are pro-GOP Establishment. And let's face it, the establishment only finds time to be Conservative when it suits their needs (read into that votes) as evidenced by how often they derail the important conservative votes in DC. Another aspect that goes hand in hand is the fact that the establishment are also globalists hence why you see the attacks on Fox News quite often in regards to Trump who has been at war with the globalists.

Now some will point out Carlson and Ingraham to counter my argument which would be fair. BUT... I think that is more a function of Fox News not wanting to bite the hand that feeds them with their huge draw of viewership. They also may see them as a necessary evil to draw in the viewership to get their true pro-Establishment message out in other portions of their programming.

Face it, Fox News is no friend of Conservatives and hasn't been for quite some time. Think it will become quite evident, even to the staunchest of deniers, by how we see Fox handle the lead in to the 2020 elections where they most likely will completely shed their sheep's clothing and show themselves for the wolf they are.