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Actor Robert De Niro delivered his latest profanity-laced rant aimed at President Donald Trump Sunday at the American Icon Awards and was met with boos from the crowd.

His speech said a lot...about De Niro. Just like Carrey's artwork says a lot about Carrey.

De Niro and Carrey are motivated by fear of the mob. Carrey's ex-partner killed herself due to abuse from him. De Niro was arrested during a raid on a child prostitution ring in Paris, held for 12 hours, then mysteriously released after a high-level phone call was made.

They both have been abusive to wimmens and in the me-too era they are terrified that the liberal mob will turn it's fury on them. So they screech as loud and as long as they can to prove how woke and on-side they are. They are seeing people thrown on the bonfire and know that any minute they could be next.