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Soros used to be in the HITLER YOUTH - the actual real thing - and described it as the happiest time of his life - searching for where Jews were hiding and had hidden their gold etc. (this is actually true, search it) https://duckduckgo.com/?q=soros+hitler+jugend&atb=v165-3__&ia=web

He is spending a LOT of money on trying to cover over this fact with Google, FactCheckers, Media, etc.

This is actually him age 14 ... this is the man calling Trump 'Hitler' https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/faithfamilyamerica/pages/16585/attachments/original/1500325246/George_Soros_Nazi.jpg?1500325246

Is it at all possible that a man who loved being in the HITLER JUGEND, describing it best time of his life has a continuing desire to get rid of the Jews again?

Is it a 'mistake' that ALL of the organisations that he funds - and has pushed around $30 BILLION into are VERY anti-semitic, and that the PROGRESSIVE politics that he props up with his money across the West (The Media, Snopes, etc. ) all tries to hide his past?

Could it be that $30 Billion is actually an investment when he plans to motivate a Second Holocaust and 'finish the job' ... and that the behaviour we see in all the Soros hired groups (Antifa and so on) - is actually just like the brownshirts and hitler youth but with primitive progressive intersectional words wrapped around it for FAKE alturistic effect?