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Let me get this straight....

"""Peace Activists""" from America are illegally occupying FOREIGN TERRITORY, despite the objections of the Venezuelan government?

Look, you want to say the Maduro government is legitimate, fine: you're allowed to be wrong and a stupid communist. Unlike Venezuela, this is a free country. The thing is, those Americans have no right to occupy foreign territory. It doesn't matter which government gave them permission to be there, there are no official Venezuelan staff in the embassy. The American protesters are illegally occupying (and squatting) on foreign territory. They are their own personal fucking invasion force. They are directly interfering in the national sovereignty of a foreign state, FAR more directly than Trump is.

The mental gymnastics it takes for "peace activists" to justify THEIR OWN PERSONAL FOREIGN INVASION is absolutely outstanding and proof we live in clown world.

@6:31 - One of the protesters remarks that it would be great if what Trump did to Maduro's staff was done to Trump's staff by other countries.... Right, so it's only a coup if you don't like it.

@12:24 - You're solution is to have ANOTHER foreign country occupy BOTH the Venezuelan AND American embassies? Are you fucking high?!! Why are """peace activists""" demanding MASSIVE foreign military intervention in multiple regions? How can you be so stupid?!!

Oh wait, you're a communist. I forgot.