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Many of you who follow my blog have already purchased and read my book, "Things I Never Learned in Sunday School: Facts about the Christian faith that will surprise and astound you." And I appreciate every single one of you! But ... As I read some of the comments and statements in the blogosphere, it…

I can say for certain that the final line about "welcoming comments and questions" is absolute rubbish. Comments and questions will get you blocked on this atheist's blog. But now, there's Dissenter and the power has shifted.

I read her book. She's correct when she says she's not an expert or a scholar. The book is an epic take-down of every strawman religious argument foisted upon mankind by atheist kooks since the late 2000's. If you're incapable of critical thinking, this is the book for you! It will fill your mind with godless gobbledy-gook and leave you with an enduring feeling of intellectual superiority.

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