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James Alefantis was being blackmailed with his boyfriend, David Brock, for sexual abuse of children. Maccoby, their attorney, is involved with non-profits aimed at children. Here is a snapshot of that lawsuit:


James Alefantis is a money launderer. He has a series of small cash businesses that break down larger sums of political money to move around. And, he loves to work with kids. One of his non-profits spent around $160,000 to raise $12,000 at a Solstice event in Berkeley. Marina Abramovic, the spirit cooker attended. During a spirit cooking video, Alice Waters and Marina Abramovic even kiss on the mouth. Point being, they are close. I outlined that relationship a bit, in this article:


Marina Abramovic is a subject all on her own, but I think it is important to point out that she has routinely appeared in pictures posing with naked children. Full frontal nudity. I'm not going to share those pictures, but this SFW one should give you an idea:


The photographers she works with are well known child pornographers. Even Bing will serve up their potentially illegal images if you search their names, like "David Hamilton girls". Marina Abramovic hosts "spirit cooking" (many of involve blood and semen and writing spells on walls) dinners for John Podesta and many other well known people.


James Alefantis and the Podestas have another partner in crime, Kamala Harris' sister, Maya Harris. Aside from the political fundraisers, she participates with an interesting cast of characters at the Transformer art gallery that sells satanic looking art at exorbitant prices... usually a sign of money laundering.


In fact, Kamala Harris and the Clintons have a number of similar friends in their political circle. The most troubling of these is the secret police exposed by the LA Times. Compare these two collages:



There is a well established nexus of money and influence between all of these people and the news outlets.


The reason people freaked out about "Pizzagate," intially, was because of James Alefantis' Instagram and John Podesta's emails that were blatantly occult and pedophilia oriented. Tony Podesta's art collection fed the fire, as well.


John Podesta's email contained a description of three young girls (6 - 11) being brought to "the farm" for "entertainment," where the last reply was "I've never had an affair before." The woman who provided the girls was also in Sid Blumenthal's leaked contact list. These are not her children, nor are the ones on her website:


Comet Ping Pong (One of Alefantis' restaraunts), East Hampton Babysitters, and Tamera Luzzatto's sites all were created in the same poor style. Kevin Reynolds, the "infant masseuse" pictured with Bill Clinton on his site had pictures of naked children on his site in the places that were not obviously linked to the front page. HTTrack was used to acquire the images. He also posted a picture of himself on Facebook, around the time, of himself masturbating into a lake. He also has a "vacation concierge" side gig, where he takes people on his boat to the Caribbean, referencing some haunts of Jeffrey Epstein.


Comet Ping Pong was particularly interesting, in that it had a login page with a bunch of encrypted files:


In the aftermath of the site being accessed, the computer was conveniently shot during a staged media event. The "magic bullet" managed to hit the hard drive from the other room where the trajectory must have made a right angle as it made it over the computer.


All kinds of weird things go on at "all ages" Comet Ping Pong:




Alefantis' Instagram is particularly unsettling. Drugs, money, babies. (The Clintons are also affiliated with John of God was selling babies and the NXIVM cult (on the board of CGI) members who are on trial for trafficking and abusing girls as young as 8.)

Alefantis asks "Why does Daddy like BUTT?" in this post where the hashtag "carisjames" may refer to Epstein's CARibbean ISland, Little St JAMES.








Epstein was obviously allowed to operate as a pedophile by Mueller, in exchange for information, as can be seen in the FBI FOIA Vault.


We even have a real life example of this happening before: THE LARGEST TRIAL IN US HISTORY WAS THE PIZZA CONNECTION TRIAL; where a series of pizza shops were being used by organized crime to launder money. CHEESE PIZZA has been used as a code for "child pornography" practically since the Internet was invented. CP.

Along with Dennis Hastert, Anthony Weiner, Jeffrey Epstein, John of God, NXIVM members, we still haven't scratched the surface of how many pedophiles the Clintons are friends with and are actively exchanging money with and partying with.







Rachel Chandler was hanging around Clinton, Epstein and other famous people when she was underage. Her photography is worth looking into, considering it focuses on disadvantaged youth.




The pictures and list go on and on and it is really hard for people to believe that it is that "IN YOUR FACE." But... how else would they advertise their services?

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